#! /bin/sh # One of the long-time standard syntaxes for outputting large amounts #of code (or text, or HTML, or whatever) from a script (notably shell #scripts and Perl scripts) is the here-document syntax: cat < Test Page A test. END_HTML # The 'here-doc' submode class recognizes this syntax, and can even #guess the correct submode to use in many cases. For instance, it would #put the above example in `html-mode', noticing the string `HTML' in the #name of the here-document. If you use less than evocative #here-document names, or if the submode is recognized incorrectly for #any other reason, you can tell it explicitly what submode to use. cat <= c ?0) (<= c ?9)) (- c ?0)) ((and (>= c ?a) (<= c ?z)) (- c (- ?a 10))))))) (setq s (substring s 1))) n)) END_LISP # Local Variables: # eval: (mmm-ify-by-class 'here-doc) # End: