Policy Index

PG0001 (Optional runtime dependencies)
PG0002 (=-dependencies with no revision)
PG0003 (Revision bumps on runtime dependency changes)
PG0011 (Slot and subslot dependencies: on (sub-)slotted packages)
PG0012 (Slot and subslot dependencies: special case: Qt packages)
PG0021 (USE dependencies: on packages without the flag)
Ebuild file format
PG0101 (Coding style)
PG0102 (Code must be contained within ebuild and eclasses)
PG0103 (HOMEPAGE must not contain variables)
PG0104 (SRC_URI must not refer to HOMEPAGE)
PG0105 (KEYWORDS must be defined on a single line)
PG0106 (LICENSE must not contain variables)
PG0107 (D must be used only in src_install and pkg_preinst)
File system layout
PG0201 (Installation paths)
PG0202 (Support for separate /usr)
PG0203 (Strict multilib layout)
PG0204 (Static libraries and libtool files)
PG0205 (Game install locations and ownership)
PG0206 (Absolute symbolic link targets)
Installed files
PG0301 (Installation of small files)
PG0302 (Installation of static libraries)
PG0303 (Installation of libtool (.la) files)
PG0304 (Virtuals)
PG0305 (Installation of manpages)
Keywording and stabilization
PG0401 (Rekeywording on dropped keywords)
PG0402 (Stabilizing new versions)
PG0403 (Removing stable keywords)
Language-specific policies
PG0501 (Python: Eclass usage)
PG0502 (Python: Python 2 deprecation)
Package Maintainers
PG0601 (Adding new maintainers)
PG0602 (New packages without a maintainer)
PG0603 (Removing package maintainers)
Other metadata variables
PG0701 (Dynamic slots (multislot flag))
PG0702 (HOMEPAGE value must be meaningful)
PG0703 (RESTRICT=test for USE=-test)
USE flags
PG0801 (Versioned USE flags)
PG0802 (USE=gui flag)
PG0803 (Underscores in USE flag names)
Users and groups
PG0901 (User and group account policy)
PG1001 (Deprecated EAPIs)
PG1003 (Deprecated eclasses)